Al Safeer Al Iqtisadi Mobile App provides the first e-commerce platform in Palestine, which was established based on research and studies for the need of the Palestinian market. This platform enables merchants to display their products to reach the largest possible number of buyers. In addition to being the first service in Palestine which provides electronic payment methods Visa card and credit card, and cash on delivery service within only two days.

Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The implemented project offers an integrated electronic system that connects the members of Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the working team in the chamber as a kind of social communication. The system also achieves the easiness of communication and interaction of Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry team, among its members, members, local community, donors and others. The program also provides the members with the opportunity to submit and follow up their requests and complaints and proposals through a special account of each one which is password protected.

Wataniya Mobile

Wataniya Mobile is a member of the Ooredoo Group, and was launched in November 2009. Wataniya is a mobile company that aims to be the communication leader of choice and is committed in providing customers with an excellent customer experience and service. Wataniya offers a wide range of products and services tailored to suit businesses and personal needs. Providing customers with the highest standards of network quality, coverage, and service. 

Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to represent, support and protect the interests of the business community in Jenin. Blue Technology and Development objective is to develop an integrated electronic system that connects associate members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Jenin, between the Chamber and its staff as a social networking tool. The organization will have the ability to communicate and interact between members of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and associate members of the local community and institutions working on community development, financiers and etc. Members will have the privilege to follow-up requests, complaints, and suggestions through a private and secure account, which will ensure the provision of manyservices with high accuracy and efficiency. 
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